This site is the virtual home of voiceover talent Rob Actis. For over twenty-years, Rob Actis has been providing businesses of all types with professional voiceover services. Professional voiceovers can make a significant impact in your companies telephone messaging systems, Powerpoint presentations, corporate videos, and other promotional projects.

It takes years of practice to hone voice acting skills & to learn the little nuances and subtleties that take a voiceover from pretty good to phenomenal. I’ve been at it for over twenty years and there’s still a lot to learn. But, lucky for me, I’ve had the opportunity to work on a huge range of projects, with a huge range of clients & it’s allowed me to really push my voiceover comfort zone and allowed me to pursue my passion for voiceover.

I believe doing business is all about relationships. I’m just not a ‘rip and read’ kind of guy. Your projects deserve more than that. I take the time to interpret commercial copy, understand the objective of your presentations and when it comes to telephone prompts I want to get a feel for the attitude of your company. It’s all about the end result. Voiceovers that sooth, engage, befriend, and inspire listeners enable your message to cut though and truly speak to your audience. Reliable, consistent, professional voiceover… 100% Fresh, Guaranteed!

Whether you’re an Ad Agency, a Production House, or just an independent business & I’m available anytime to chat, feel free to shoot me an email or give me a call. FreshVO 100% Fresh Voiceovers!

Throughout this time, Rob has lent his expressive and soothing voice to countless advertising agencies, marking firms and other various businesses around the world. With his ability to engage listeners, he has the ability to get your product or service known and better yet, remembered.

Whether you have a project that requires a serious tone that is demanding and informative, or if you are simply needing a voice for your light-hearted advertising campaign, Rob is more than able to give your vital projects the professionalism and talent they require, and deserve. Let Rob take your product, service or training project to new heights with his professional voiceover services.